SafeWebpages Boosts Online Trust by Adding Daily Website Safety Reviews and New Verified Business Seal


JACKSONVILLE, FL - SafeWebpages, a leader in business website verification, dedicated to enhancing the credibility of sites and shopping carts on the internet, once again redefines what businesses online and their users can expect from website security with a trove of new trusted site enhancements available today at no additional cost to existing and new SafeWebpages customers.

Enhanced features like the upgraded Verified by SafeWebpages seal and routine daily website safety reviews enable sites to ensure a reliable experience for their visitors and users, all while utilizing the prominent trusted brand that goes beyond existing security measures seen in traditional offerings.

"As scams and hacker attacks grow more sophisticated, basic data encryption is no longer sufficient for all sites," said J. Masters, product manager at SafeWebpages. "By upgrading our certification seal and verified services with new features that introduce trust at every step - at no additional charge to our members - we're delivering a better solution that doesn't slow down your website and works with your existing web hosting."

Kevin Cody, program VP for services at Nexus4Office, said, "Customer trust is fundamental for internet companies, even more so in the areas of transactions, personal data security, and e-commerce. With the business verification that SafeWebpages offers, the public has more confidence the link or webpage they are visiting is real and those interactions are secure."

These verification services help safeguard businesses with an extra layer of security. Visible certified indicators, such as a certified or verified seal, placed on business websites demonstrated to improve visitor engagement year-over-year. This helps increase the likelihood of successful purchases, use of online services, and the sharing of sensitive information — including card numbers and personally identifiable information. Visitors feel more secure when they see a trusted third-party has vetted the business.

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About SafeWebpages:

Founded in 2011, SafeWebpages is on a mission to build visitor trust by providing a robust verification and safety system that distinguishes verified websites from the crowd with built-in daily online protection. Our certification seals are recognized globally and we use real human verification from our in-house USA-based team. When you see a website displaying the SafeWebpages seal, you can be sure it's the real deal.

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