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Our zero-spam seal offers an extra level of protection for your sign-up pages, newsletters, and mailing lists. Once your business is verified you can proudly display that your business and website are spam-free, and customer information is safe and sound.

This certification helps differentiate your business in a crowded market. With consumers becoming more security-savvy, they tend to favor businesses that openly commit to high standards of data security. By displaying our seal, you not only reassure existing customers but also attract new ones who value privacy and security.

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Businesses with the SafeWebpages seal respect privacy. Your personal information is safe and sound.

By obtaining the certification, companies can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high standards of data protection and spam prevention. This assurance helps mitigate user concerns, making them more comfortable with signing up.


Customers don't need to be concerned about security and privacy; you're verified.


People are willing to fill out more forms with the SafeWebpages seal.


Keep your active numbers up with our continuous safety checks and innovation.

Zero Spam

No spam, zero spam ever. This assurance helps mitigate your user retention.


Trusted by over 35,000+ sites. Stop losing sales and help keep the internet safe for all.

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